Monthly Archives: January 2007

Argh.  I’ve recently migrated to using Opera on our desktop at home (long story, but basically the experiment with Ubuntu didn’t go over well; we went back to Windows; and IE7 is too slow to be considered useful in any capacity.  And Selena uses Firefox.).  While in the middle of a long post about how I’ve broken the Ümlaut (not the production or subversion versions — but the development server is FUBARed and a huge flaw has been exposed in its design), I managed to, with my stumpy, inaccurate man-fingers, hit some key combination by accident that caused me to leave my
editing page and sent me to some ’Opera search page’.  Thanks!

…pause while Ross saves…

Anyway, a huge refactoring will be taking place (although, honestly, I don’t think it will take me very long).  The long and short of it is:  I was trying to make the Ümlaut database independent.  SQLite had a hard time with the Ümlaut’s liberal use of Marshaling objects in the database.  PostgreSQL wasn’t working with Rails and when I upgraded Rails…  all hell broke loose.  Basically my Marshal plan wasn’t going to work with the direction of Rails development.

But, this has actually led me to a better way (and, I think, much more efficient) way to handle requests.

So, stay tuned for Ü2.