Monthly Archives: July 2007

Can anyone give a rational explanation as to why a job with a description like this:

DESCRIPTION: Provides technology and computer support for the Vanderbilt Library. The major areas of responsibility include developing, maintaining and assisting in the enhancement of interfaces to web-enabled database applications (currently implemented in perl, PHP, and MySQL). The position also helps establish and maintain guidelines (coding standards, version control, etc.) for the development of new applications in support of library patrons, staff, and faculty across the university. This position will also provide first line backup for Unix system administration. Other duties and assignments will be negotiated based on the successful candidate’s expertise, team needs, and library priorities.

would require an MLS? Library experience? Sure, I can see why that would be desirable. While I find it ridiculous when many libraries require an MLS for what is essentially an IT manager, Vandy is upping the ante here and requiring it for a developer/jr. sysadmin.

I guess that’s a way to prop up the profession.