Monthly Archives: November 2008

“[S]training-to-be-clever acronyms department”

Project names are very important to me in a “the clothes make the man” sensibility.  I’d prefer to leave an application untitled rather than have a contrived or pedestrian name attached to it (which is why my EAD publisher app never had a title — nothing non-EAD-derogatory ever came to me).

Often, the name is the only part of a project that “works” (see:  FancyPants, CommuniCat etc.), so, in my mind, it’s important that it’s memorable enough that people (coworkers, mostly) pay attention to the initial pitch so you don’t have to explain its functionality every time.  When you are in the brainstorming/gathering-enough-interest-to-get-the-green-light phase, everything’s about marketing.  And, for me, that means a good working title.  I don’t like acronyms, usually, because I don’t think they’re terribly interesting (WAG the Dog’s acronym notwithstanding – I liked that one).

Anyway, “Jangle” was there before I was.  I don’t have to like the name to think the project is worthwhile.  Still, sometimes it pains me to spend all my time on a project that I had no influence over the title.  Silly, yes, but that’s why my pants are so fancy.