Monthly Archives: February 2009

This Thursday, February 19th, from 89PM EST, I’ll be a guest DJ on our local NPR affiliate, WUTC. One of their promotions during their membership drive is to be a DJ for an hour, so Selena got me that for my birthday.

It’s easily one of the most exciting birthday presents I’ve ever gotten.

My playlist isn’t going to make history or anything, but I think it’s a pretty good cross-section of songs I really like that fit into the general formatting of the station. I had to make a few compromises on selections for time considerations (an hour goes by fast) and the songs aren’t necessarily a compilation of my favorite tunes ever. Most aren’t even my favorite by the artist in particular, but, for one reason or another (length, tone or language) made the final cut.

It’s been kind of a fun (and sometimes agonizing) study in curation.

Anyway, if you’re interested in hearing me on the radio, tune into 88.1 on Thursday, or listen live on the net (Windows Media).

Today in the #Code4Lib channel:

[1:36pm] jrochkind_lunch: woohoo! NYU is moving forward with Umlaut.
[1:40pm] edsu: nyu++
[1:41pm] mjgiarlo: jrochkind++
[1:42pm] rsinger: awesome
[1:43pm] rsinger: jrochkind++
[1:43pm] jtgorman: jrochkind++
[1:43pm] charper joined the chat room.
[1:43pm] rsinger: more_suckers++
[1:43pm] rsinger: oops
[1:43pm] rsinger: i mean…
[1:43pm] rsinger: nyu++
[1:43pm] charper left the chat room. (Client Quit)