Monthly Archives: May 2009

I cannot perceive a day that I might charge for a webinar about Jangle.  I expect that that day will never come.

Still, it pains me to see a NISO Webinar on Interoperability:

It pains me for a couple of reasons — a hundred bucks for a webinar?  Come on, NISO, get over yourself.

Secondly, I have tremendous respect for and was happy to participate in the DLF ILS-DI Berkeley Accord, but it’s, at best, a half measure, is no longer being actively developed and has, for all intents and purposes, lost its sponsorship.

Jangle isn’t perfect and I realize there’s not a NISO standard to be found (well, you can send Z39.2…), but if you’re going to talk about interoperability, there’s not a more pragmatic and simple approach on the table, currently.