Mixed Feelings

I cannot perceive a day that I might charge for a webinar about Jangle.  I expect that that day will never come.

Still, it pains me to see a NISO Webinar on Interoperability:


It pains me for a couple of reasons — a hundred bucks for a webinar?  Come on, NISO, get over yourself.

Secondly, I have tremendous respect for and was happy to participate in the DLF ILS-DI Berkeley Accord, but it’s, at best, a half measure, is no longer being actively developed and has, for all intents and purposes, lost its sponsorship.

Jangle isn’t perfect and I realize there’s not a NISO standard to be found (well, you can send Z39.2…), but if you’re going to talk about interoperability, there’s not a more pragmatic and simple approach on the table, currently.

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  1. Well, I don’t know what the other webinar speakers will be doing, but I plan to post the material for my portion of the webinar shortly after it takes place. I’ll post the URL on my blog after it goes up, and I’ll be happy to take questions there as well from anyone who wasn’t (or, for that matter, who was) at the webinar.

    I do plan to spend some of the time talking about implementations of functions in, or related to, the ILS-DI recommendation, including example implementations of some of the functions over a Voyager catalog. (I’m hoping to have some code posted between now and then.) I’m hoping to include some mention of Jangle, since it does implement some similar abstract functions to those we recommended, albeit using different bindings. If there’s anything in particular that would be good for me to look at or show as an example, please let me know.

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