About Me

My name is Ross Singer.

Professionally, I am Interoperability and Open Standards Champion at Talis.  No, I’m not entirely sure what this means, either.  My boss thinks of me as a business analyst of sorts although I write code (preferably in Ruby) most of my day.  The things I write are mostly experiments and proofs-of-concept, however, so there may be something to this.

Previously, I was an application developer at Georgia Tech’s library, Emory University libraries and the University of Tennessee libraries.  I also worked a shortish stint for internet.com between Tennessee and Emory, but my career has definitely centered primarily around libraries and library technology.

While at Georgia Tech I founded MALTA (the Metro Atlanta Library Technology Association) where like-minded library technology people in the Atlanta area get together and talk about the projects they are working on.

Personally, my wife, Selena, and I have two children, Isaac and Isabel.  We have a dog, Ava, and a cat, Ichabod.  We live in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the St. Elmo Historic District.

Educationally, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Tennessee. Of the two theatre companies that I have helped found: one failed miserably, the other is still in existence.

Musically, I play the bass guitar.  I also noodle around on guitar.

Here are things I find important, but don’t care work into the content of this page.


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  1. Ross,
    I tried to send a message to your gatech email address and it bounced, of course. It was a forward of a thread from the steve.museum list in reaction to LC’s Flickr images and the tagging application. Thought you’d be interested. I’m sure you’ve seen the announcements of the LC project. The steve messages basically said: let’s do it where the people are, we should develop an app for Facebook, and similar. Let me know the best email address if you want the thread forwarded.

  2. Found you already!

    Nice to meet ye today!

  3. Ross,

    I wanted to let you know about the web development services we have put together here in Eugene Oregon. Yourlibrarysite.com was recently launched to serve public libraries with cost-effective development services that are built on Drupal open source content management.

    Yourlibraysite.com is an initiative built by CraftySpace, L.L.C., an Internet technology company focused on website and web application development services for education and professional organizations. Some time ago, the Metropolitan Cooperative Library System (MCLS.org), an association of 33 public libraries located in the greater Los Angeles area approached us to respond to their needs for a new site. Our proposal won the contract and we developed their current site, followed by sites for several of their member libraries. We learned a lot about the needs of public libraries and how to respond to those needs using Web 2.0 thinking and technology.

    Yourlibrarysite.com encompasses what we learned working with MCLS. By standardizing our technical approach and tools; and by using Drupal, we believe we can provide public libraries with powerful websites at costs that rival in-house development. We have a subscription-based solution for small libraries with a very low cost of entry. These sites can be launched in under 30 days.

    Anyway, we want to reach out to folks like you for feedback and hopefully approval of our approach. We also would like to offer our expertise in Drupal and web development to support your efforts working with libraries.

    Please visit our website and let me know what you think. If there are any questions you have about Yourlibrarysite.com or any issues you have with Drupal where we can be supportive, feel free to contact me.

    Paul Berger
    541 485-7220 Direct
    877.878.1794 Toll-free