While the Lucene Preconference is starting, Selena and I will be working our way towards the airport to catch our flight to Guatemala City.

As Karen Schneider delivers her opening keynote, we’ll be at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala getting Isaac Mario Singer-Seymour’s passport signed.

During the slot that I was supposed to speak about the mlaut and afterwards when the Metalib pilot group is picking Roy Tennant’s brain, Selena and I will be on our way back home, with our son.

There couldn’t be a better reason to miss Code4Lib. Have fun.

Given our exciting news about Che, I will not be attending Code4Lib 2007. It’s unclear whether or not we’ll be in Guatemala during the actual conference or just returned (I suppose there’s an outside chance that we won’t have gone, yet, but let’s not think about that), but I might as well give up my slot since we have a waiting list and my mind certainly wouldn’t be on it at any rate.

Still, it was a little sad to see how quickly I was replaced. That’s right, Singer, your 15 minutes are looking pretty 15 minutes ago.