6:41 AM: Che pooped.

6:47 AM: We realize that Mollie, our Cocker Spaniel, apparently has slept all night in our bed with a “Klingon”.  Remove Klingon.

6:53 AM: Mollie, searching for bits of cat food crumbs that might have fallen on the floor, bumps into and knocks over a full-length mirror, shattering it into tiny bits.  Unfazed, she continues to walk over the glass in search of cat food crumbs.  I scream at Mollie to get out, Che cries.  Hug.

7:01 AM:  Ava, our 100 lb. Rottweiler, loses her footing going down the stairs and tumbles all the way down (17 stairs), taking out Mollie halfway down.  Both crash headlong into the child gate across the bottom of the stairs.  Both shaken, but apparently unhurt.

7:02 AM: Dogs outside.

7:06 AM: Che eats yogurt and oatmeal while watching Curious George.  A calm descends on the house.

7:09 AM: I clean up a million pieces of broken mirror.  Curse Mollie.

7:27 AM: Che and I brush our teeth, put on our shoes.

7:32 AM: Feed the dogs.

7:41 AM: Out the door, in the car, and on the way to the Montessori School.

8:21 AM: Come home to find Ava has eaten a stuffed turkey decoration my mother had sewn.  Batting and little styrofoam beads all over sunroom day bed.

8:39 AM: Shower.

9:01 AM: Talis, North America opens for another day of business.