• Jangle:  An Atom Publishing Protocol Interface to library resources.
  • The Ümlaut: an OpenURL Link Resolver, analyzer, recommender and contextualizer
  • WAG the Dog PHP Web Localizer: a project intended to conceptualize and localize the web.
  • A9 Opensearch interface for SRU:  download (python)
  • Reserves Direct (previously named course/control): a reserves management system
  • WebTribute: a web based alternative to Macromedia’s Contribute 2

Orphaned Projects:

Here are some projects that I created while I was working at Georgia Tech that have either been since abandoned or never really got off the ground to begin with.  They are all available under an MIT license and as .zip files.  If there is interest in reviving any of these, I can make them available in some sort of decentralized source control fashion (git, bzr, whatever), but for now I just want to make these things accessible in case any part of them would be useful for anybody.

I have not run this by Tech (again, the only project that is even being used by them is the EAD Publisher), and if there are any objections there to making this code available, I will take them down.

(These items will become available as I write pages to describe them and provide notes, etc.)

  • BonVoyage:  An alternative API/Interface to Endeavor/Ex Libris Voyager
  • Code4Lib Voting Booth 2006:  A Backpack/Bookmarklet/MySQL/PHP hack for tallying votes for conference presentations.
  • Cortex:  The central nervous system of the Communicat.  This project bled into Memory Hole as a stop-gap discovery interface was needed and has a little of both code bases in it.
  • Fancy Pants:  An AJAX application to rewrite the interface for WebVoyage 5/6
  • EAD Publisher:  Takes EAD 2002 XML files, categorizes them, indexes them, makes them available as HTML, OpenSearch and OAI-PMH.
  • EResidue:  An API to Docutek’s ERes.  A precursor to what would become Jangle connectors.
  • Memory Hole:  A simple Solr-based faceted discovery interface.  Indexes MARC records, OAI-PMH, RSS feeds and crawls websites.  Custom handlers can be written to index whatever (such as SQL databases or XML files).
  • Portal:  This was built to replace Georgia Tech’s PHP-based intranet (also written by me, but should really just fade into the ether).
  • HMS Presentr:  A joint project with Dan Chudnov.  A publishing system for Access Hackfest presentations using Rails and S5.
  • Rails Resolver Router on Rails!:  First ever Rails project.  Simple proxy for multiple link resolvers.  Eventually what led to the Ümlaut.
  • WebTribute2:  Like WebTribute, but in Rails and probably less functional.

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