Background: BonVoyage was a project started when the holding company that owns Ex Libris purchased Endeavor Information Systems from Elsevier.  Since there a lot of uncertainty (not to mention fear and dash of doubt) about the future of the Voyager ILS at the time (after all, Ex Libris already had Aleph) and SirsiDynix had just pulled the plug on Horizon/Corinthian, I made the pitch to Voyager customers to take control of the situation themselves.  The goal was to create a new set of public APIs and interfaces, since the only machine access to Voyager was via the RDBMS (which, admittedly, is something) and commandline scripts and WebVoyage was simply at a train wreck of usability and accessibility.

I started the project in Rails and it eventually fell by the wayside as I moved into new positions, first at Tech, later, of course, at Talis.  It was written with Voyager 6 in mind, but my understanding is that not much changed database schema-wise between Voyager 6 and 7.  I know Ex Libris added an XML interface of some sort, so this might have rendered BonVoyage irrelevant anyway.

I’m offering up the tiny bits I actually got for public consumption.  There are models for borrowers and bib records and, possibly, although I cannot remember, a relationship between the two.  If you do try it, be sure the borrower routes are protected, since you wouldn’t want to expose personal information to the wild.

Available through an MIT License as a .zip here.

Let me know if you find it useful.

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